If you’re looking for professional crane contractors in Macclesfield, get in touch with Armquest Industrial Services. We’re proud to offer a full range of high quality services, including contract lifting, mobile cranes, construction lifts and more. If you’re in need of any cranes and equipment in Macclesfield, don’t hesitate to give a member of our team a call, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need for your next construction or heavy lifting job.

Each member of staff is highly trained in all aspects of construction, industrial services and heavy duty machinery, so we’re experienced when it comes to handling complex jobs with the highest level of safety and efficiency. Get in touch today to find out why so many firms choose us to provide their industrial services.

Contract Lifting

We specialise in contract lifting for a huge range of jobs and clients. Our experienced and skilled team, and our range of state-of-the-art equipment means we’re up to any challenge. From mobile cranes to hiabs, slingers to plant lift and shift, we can lift it all and keep your project on schedule with a quick and efficient service.

Why choose us?

We are the leading crane contractors in Macclesfield and the surrounding areas, and have built a reputation across North-West England for the quality and reliability of our service.

A comprehensive service

At Armquest Industrial Services we’ll take care of all your heavy-duty lifting needs, from start to finish. You’ll only need to deal with us because we have all the knowledge and resources required to do the job. From planning traffic management and road closures to taking care of all logistical issues related to your lifting job, our professional team will take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry. Don’t hesitate to call us today and speak to our team. We’ll be happy to tell you more about how we can help, give you a free quote and provide advice and guidance on what your job will require.

For quality crane hire services, call us on 01617 278 578